Sunday, April 24, 2011

For the Love of the Well Heeled

I have to admit, it has been obviously tough for me to get back to blogging this season. There is an overabundance of recycled fashion these days. How many times can I tell you about incorporating ruffles, pastels, or lace into your wardrobe?  Trends haven't changed in at least a year. The only thing I have found enticing enough to shop for these days are shoes! The vivid colors and wild patterns are irresistible and have made the dull pages of my favorite style magazines tolerable since February. I'm guessing the neutral wardrobe we have all stocked up on over the past few months will make for easy integration of some of my favorite pieces. While some may break the bank and others scream "love at first sight", you can't help but be over the moon for a chance to rock these hot styles. There won't be any buyers remorse found here! 

Brian Atwood Snake Print Pumps $700

Colin Stuart Tasseled Ankle Wrap $98

Jessica Simpson Color Block Platform $89

Kate Spade Dreamer Peep Toe $325

Pelle Moda Franky Platform $180

YSL Deauville Wedge $860

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dear Santa...

So the turkey leftovers are gone and its time to decorate the house, attend holiday parties when we would rather get our eyebrows threaded, and get all stressed out buying gifts for others while racking up that credit card bill. Yes, the holidays are here and in full swing! While all of the gifts are getting crossed off of our shopping lists its also time to put together our personal wish list! You know, the list that you secretly have when shopping for others.. One gift for mom in the cart, two gifts for you in the cart? We all do it. Its totally okay! This fabulous wish list is for that moment when you forget everyone else on the "to give list" and score something for team YOU! 

Faux Fur Vest (H&M)

Cut out Booties (Bakers)

Cashmere Sweater Dress (Marc Jacobs)

Feathered Clutch (Coach)

Embellished Cuffed Sweatshirt (Twisted Heart) 
**FR FAVORITE**           

Thats Fashion Roulette's list! What's on your list? 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Animal Control

Fall is here!! And I cannot be happier.. Mostly because animal prints are all the rage these days. Yes, I am one of those girls who loves herself a good print, even more so if it resembles something you'd see on a safari. From leopard print skinny belts to croc print flats to cheetah print skirts, it's everywhere! My advice... Let your inner cougar (or jaguar) out the cage and give in to this trend. What makes these prints so fun and versatile is that they're not only being seen in traditional muted hues of black and tan, but also in every other color of the rainbow. Fall doesn't have to be as dull as the weather can be, this season it's going to be as firery and sexy as summer!

I'm writing from my iPad these days... Part of why this blog has been dead for a few months is because my hubby and I just moved from NJ to Indianapolis... During the trek my MacBook Pro died.. So I apologize for the lack of images, hopefully the links on certain words help out. These iPads aren't as equipped and you would think!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Falling out of love with Summer...

As your tans start to fade and your pedicures become less frequent don't let the start of the Fall season get you down!! There is much to look forward to over the next few months besides hay-rides and football! Fall fashion is looking very daring! Granted many of these looks have transcended their way from last year, but that works for us in terms of recycling a few trends that were late out of the Winter gates. 

One such trend is the sheer fabric we saw on tops and dresses late last Winter into early Spring. This is a great look for the weekend and after-work. Very fun, very sexy, and very 2010. Best in black or neutral tones, sheer fabrics provide for a hot transition from Summer to Fall fashion.
Romantic ruffles are still around. Unexpected color palettes are updating this look that has most recently been seen in soft pastels for the Fall. Think of your baby purple Summer nail polish meeting tiered free-flowing rows of chiffon ruffles in the form of a pencil skirt a la Valentino (too much to imagine? see the pic below). Aside from the updated palettes, it is Fall, and red and black are always acceptable ;)
Another trend I would love to note are the "smoky" neutral shades that are plentiful and abundant in pretty much every retailer across the country at every possible price point and in every possible silhouette... how's that for accessible and affordable fashion? Say that 3 times fast!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bright Lights!

The trends this summer couldn't be any more apparent on the sidewalks these days. From cutouts in dresses and shoes to silly bands on every kids wrists (yeah I said it) people are out there to make a statement and are proud to say they're not afraid of fashion. Which is super cool and shows how confident the average consumer has become. One trend I'm really into and something that EVERYONE can rock are this summers brights!! From tops to bottoms to pumps, brights are EVERYWHERE! And I don't think I've ever been more in love... don't tell my husband.

I've got two examples to show you today...
This first one is from Rachel Roy's Spring 2010 collection. Yes, I do realize that some of you may have seen this last year, but I still think that it is a great example on how to snag a runway look and not look like you should be institutionalized. The look screams "hot dinner date on a breezy summer night"! Those who beg to differ, feel free to leave your comments! Although the colors definitely contrast one another, the eye flows lovely from one color to the next, not to mention that together they look amazing against the models tanned skin! On another note, you don't have to be of model height to pull this look off, just opt for a shorter skirt!

This next look is from my very own closet. I wore this out last weekend to a family birthday party and later that same day to a friends BBQ. I like to think that the look transitioned well throughout the days events. I would classify this one under my "casual weekend chic" arsenal (yes, I have an arsenal of clothes). The white skirt gives a sharp contrast and yet balances the grapefruit colored top. The gold accessories keep the overall look cohesive.
In this image: TART Racer Back Tank in Grapefruit, AKIRA tulip skirt, Old Navy Gold T-strap sandals, Afaze Owl Pendant Necklace.

If you're meek about going bold and bright, just start out with one stand-out piece and build up from there! From shoes to nail polish to tanks, you've got tons of options!


As always: comments, questions, and followers are always welcome and encouraged!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopportunity People!

I have a surprise for you guys! And I must say that it's pretty awesome... I know there have been a lot of sites out there inviting you to come out and shop at discount prices... BUT I have one site to recommend that has revamped their image a bit and is absolutely awesome in terms of the discounts and brands offered. From L.A.M.B to iHome, IDEELI offers a great variety of brands (including beauty and kids brands) with up to 80% discounts! Membership is totally free. No bidding, just log on when the sale starts and BUY! Very cool, no? Well I think so :) Here is a personal invite from yours truly! Happy Shopping & Happy Summer!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Back to Basics...

Basic tees, tanks, shirts... I like to refer to these guys as my "fashion staples".

I know a lot of you out there, if not all of you, own a basic white tee. You know, the one that you wear to the super market with jeans and flip flops to kick off your Sunday errands? Would you wear that same white tee out to dinner, solo, just like that? I hope not! But would you wear that white tee with a statement necklace, skinny jeans, and gold pumps or a casual grey linen blazer? Sounds more like it, right? Some of you might be afraid of pulling it off! Well I'm here to tell you LIKE HELL YOU CAN! Sometimes, the simplest things in our closets are the most promising. I think that after fishing through your closets last week you may have found a ton of these super reliable items! It's now time to make the most of them. Whatever you do, don't underestimate their potential!

We all need that go-to outfit and these basics in our closets are lifesavers. Just make sure they aren't dingy :) Good places to find replacements when you start noticing moth holes, yellow stains, etc... American Apparel, the GAP, Michael Stars, BDG, ASOS, Nation LTD, Fruit of the Loom!

You can pair pretty much anything with these basics. From skirts, shorts, vests, and jackets to any type of accessory your little heart desires.. below are a few examples. Take note and happy experimenting!